Nerdformers Animated
Optimus%20Prime%20Animated.JPG Optimus Prime - Me Ratchet%20Animated.jpg Ratchet - Jay Prowl%20Animated.jpg Prowl - Jake
Bulkhead%20Animated.jpg Bulkhead - Otto Bumblebee%20Animated.jpg Bumblebee - Jeff Sari%20Armored%20Form.jpg Sari - Erin
Jazz%20Animated.JPG Jazz - Dillon Perceptor%20Animated.jpg Perceptor - Jayson Wheeljack%20Animated.jpg Wheeljack - Ed
Rodimus%20Prime%20Animate.jpg Rodimus Prime - Andy Sentinal%20Prime%20Animated.jpg Sentinel Prime - Chris Blurr%20Animated.jpg Blurr - David
Arcee%20Animated.jpg Arcee - Tela Grimlock%20Animated.jpg Grimlock - Tom
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